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Combining Beliefs ... Samhain

Hi again.

Here's the background:
Hubby is a liberal eclectic Christian. He is very supportive of my beliefs. I am an earth based pagan who believes in no deity, but rather the energies of the earth. I believe in reincarnation and a lot of Celtic Pagan beliefs without the deity. I believe in stone energies and Tarot and powers unexplained, spirits unknown. ... Hubby and I have two children together (ages 4 and 3). We're raising our children exposed to all faiths (once their a couple years older) and allow them choose whatever faith they'd like, helping them research, etc.

Hubby wants to incorporate my beliefs and his together. He'd like to learn more about my faith and put them together for holidays for the kids. He says that he feels that we need to share something that's such a large part of us with each other and our children. It allows me to not feel so alone in my beliefs, allows him to share in my belief and me in his, and allows our children to grow up in an environment of togetherness.

This morning hubby asked me if I wanted to start doing some research and figure out what we'd like to do for the holidays coming up, more specifically Samhain. I don't know how to mesh his world into mine. He is completely open to the idea, but I've only recently started actually practicing my belief instead of just believing it in my soul. I've always loved Samhain and the beliefs behind it, but have no idea what rituals or practices to actually do.

What do you suggest? I'm completely open to any and all ideas. I really really want to make this work, to start this new chapter, but I feel so lost, overwhelmed, and alone. Google frustrates me with it's fluffiness at times. Please help! Thanks in advance. It really means a lot.

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(no subject)

I'm looking for a Pagan podcast with Celtic/Gaelic tendencies and *hopefully* earth and energy tendencies too. I know that's a lot to expect from a podcast, or a blog even. I'm hoping to find one so I don't feel so incredibly alone in my practice. I'm an earth based Pagan with emphasis on energies. I don't believe in deities. Most of the podcasts and sites I've found have emphasis on deities and rituals. In fact most of them are actually Wiccan in origin. I need to connect to something to give me some kind of connections. I'm looking for a mentor and if it has to be over the web, then so be it. Any suggestions?

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Interesting introductions

I will try my best to keep this simple,  I used to be here under a old journal so here's to new beginnings! I have been a pagan for a good while. I'm looking for the same thing most people look for, friends, knowledge, understanding, etc... Often it is hard to discuss my ideas openly with fam & friends because their religious views differ so much than my own. Getting into those deep conversations with them all that happens is arguing. 

I would say I am pretty passionate about my spirituality often times thats mistaken for something else. I think i'm a pretty laid back and accepting of other views, even if it doesn't seem that way. I have a lot of thoughts both crazy and out there. So I am really hoping this would be a good place for me to bring these ideas out and see what other people think. 

Since I don't know what's already been discussed here I will take a step back from Posting anything just yet until I get a better feel for what's everyone about.  Bright blessing to all 

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Does Tolerance warrent acceptance?

I was having a conversation the other day with friends (staff members) about our mission statement for our website. "Pagans Helping Pagans by Promoting Tolerance Through Education."

Before it could become heated we ended that specific part of the conversation but I have been nominated to write an article specifically about Tolerance and Acceptance. I guess what I'm looking for is personal experiences or opinions regarding ones ability to accept through tolerance or beliefs against this notion.

So few religions and even spiritual faith (Yes, I separate spiritual from religious) promote tolerance and acceptance. Then again does tolerance truly mean to accept or is it just a polite gesture to avoid conflict? By no means am I discrediting anyone's ability through faith or just personal morality to be accepting of others (or tolerant for that matter), but I'm curious how those two qualities can go hand in hand-- or against one another.

How does tolerance and acceptance play into your personal spirituality? As a Pagan do you feel that it is easier for you to accept and tolerate because your faith (though rising in practicing numbers) is considered a minority and shunned by other faiths as evil, demonic or just plain false? Or do you find it harder to accept and tolerate when you may face judgment and intolerance?

By no means am I trying to sterotype.

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Hello Everyone,

I don't know if my post is allowed, I just have a question for you. I'm looking for names for a string music ensemble and I was particularly interested in goddess, muses, patrons, etc. of music. I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources they could point me to about this.

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'Afternoon All!

Hello there!

I have many handles online but my name is Tessa. I'm a twenty-one year old Pagan. My family was primarily Catholic though that ended with my Mother. We started Paganism together. I wanted to learn about it around Eight years of age after being introduced to a Wiccan and of course, like any parent, my mother read up on Wicca, Paganism and other 'New Age' spiritual paths and decided "Alright kiddo, lets learn about Paganism" and from there it went.

I have no define title or label-- I like the term Spiritual. I'm very spiritual. My relationship with the Divinities is deep, personal and healthy. I've mostly stuck with my heritage-- Celtic/Druid but it has not stopped me from working outside the Celtic Pantheon.

Right now I'm on a path of death/rebirth. Its one of the most difficult times in my life. This year has been rough but filled with lots of growth and wisdom from experiences that were necessary growing-pains.

Currently I'm a full-time College student. I've got just a few more semesters at the Community College until my A.A is complete, then moving onto University for a major in Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Archeology. Two passions.

I look forward to discussing with all of you.

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CUUPS grp?


I'm a new member to this community, but have been watching for some time. But, thought it was time to join and post, as I would like to get some opinions on something. (I'll save my personal path and history for another post if that's alright.)

I attend a local UU church for "Pagan Tea & Talk night" once a week. (It's not actually a church, but really a basement of a multiple office building.) It's been nice to see many of my friends in town, and also have met and connected w/ some new ppl as well. There's a different topic every week; a few we've done recently are chakras, wands, and the topic of dealing with dating/relationships/family members who are non-pagan.

It's advertised once a week in our local paper in the events section.
A few weeks ago a woman called the UU President, upset that any church (UU or not) would host a pagan discussion group. She threatened to protest in front of the building. Apparently this woman could not be reasoned with; she ranted and raved that pagans are the "antichrist" and would not agree to a civil conversation, only a screaming match where the president could not get a word in edgewise. She was informed ofher right to protest, ie must stay on the sidewalk, cannot enter parking lot, cannot block us from entering the building. All of us were pretty worried, but she never showed.

We have less than 10 regulars, but we also have some drop-ins here and there. Ppl come and go, you know how it is.

Well since this protester situation, our 'coordinator' has suggested making the discussion group an official CUUPS group. It would give all sorts of advantages; lately we've been discussing an upcoming Spirit Faire, a fundraiser for Midsummerfest, and having the non-profit church status would help for tax-exempt status and stuff.

Now, not everyone who attends is unitarian, or even UU members. The coordinator/moderator person is the token Pagan of the UU congregation, as she puts it. I've always been personally very much about "hey, whatever your way to God/dess" just don't tell me your way is the right way, type of thing. I guess I think tolerance and understanding and education of the many religions (including mine of course) is the way to go to. I think it's the best shot at world peace...

But, I'm meeting more and more Pagans that are very anti-Christian. This upsets me, personally. I'm worried ppl might not attend if the Tea&Talk is made into an official CUUPS grp, and might turn away potential new ppl. So, while I personally like the CUUPS idea, I'm jsut not sure of the future repercussions of doing so.

So I'm wondering - how does anyone feel about this? Does anybody reading this identify as unitarian in addition to being Pagan? Personally I think they go hand-in-hand, but I might be a minority these days. Especially it being post-9/11 and all. (yea I know, 9/11 is a whole other post, but just saying I think it significantly changed religious tolerance in America).

Are you anti-Christian and wouldn't feel comfortable attending a UU group? Granted, UU isn't Christian, but it's of course very Christian friendly. So, just looking for any thoughts/advice.

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Morpheus/the Oneiroi/research

I'm trying to do some research on Morpheus & the Oneiroi, but I'm at home for the summer so I don't have access to the scholarly databases that I do during school. I've run some Google searches, and the following sites seem to come up a lot. Does anyone know if they are reputable and have accurate info? I've been having some very vivid bad dreams lately, so I'd like to offer some sort of a prayer or offering to Morpheus and the Oneiroi, especially Phobetor, and I'd like to know more about them before doing so. Thanks.


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